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Sustainability Resources

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Sustainability Advantage will be presenting a series of three breakfast workshops in 2017 for NRF members and the food industry in the Northern Rivers region, thanks to the kind support of Sunshine Sugar. In the tradition of a good breakfast equating with a good start, the workshops will be a splendid way to inject fresh energy and enthusiasm into your sustainability program in the new year. A summary of the workshops follows. For further information please contact Executive Officer Anne Briggs E: info@northernriversfood.org.au

Sustainability Breakfast Workshop 1: Planning your Sustainability Program for 2017

Sustainability Resources

Are you interested in becoming a more sustainable food business? Would you like to:

  • Save money and improve productivity.
  • Integrate environmental strategies with business planning.
  • Broaden your network by meeting and sharing ideas with others in the same industry and region.

Join us for the first of our Sustainability Advantage Workshops for this year – our 101 if you like! All you need to bring along is a healthy interest in improving the sustainability of your business…oh and an appetite. We have a sumptuous Byron at Byron breakfast!! Register now: https://register.eventarc.com/36265/sustainability-breakfast-workshop-sustainability-101planning-your-sustainability-program-for-2017

FeaturedBoxLink: Monday February 13th, 8am - 10.30am, Byron at Byron Resort

Sustainability Breakfast Workshop 2: Green Lean for Food Manufacturers

Sustainability Resources

This Introduction to Green Lean workshop is designed to assist food manufacturers wishing to streamline their key systems and processes, thereby saving time and resources and increasing productivity. You will receive an overview of relevant Green Lean tools such as value stream mapping, root cause analysis and The Seven Wastes to identify business improvement opportunities and design solutions to address them. A collaborative process underpins Lean philosophy and input from a range of employees will be essential for your success.

Ideally, at least 2-3 people representing different areas of your business (e.g. operations, human resources, marketing and management) should attend to maximize the benefits of this workshop.

The workshop will be facilitated by Green Lean expert, Nick Palousis, CEO, 2XE. The workshop will be presented by Sustainability Advantage for the NRF network, with the generous support of Sunshine Sugar.

Register here: 


FeaturedBoxLink: Tuesday 27th June 8am - 10am, Byron at Byron Resort

Sustainability Breakfast Workshop 3: Employee Engagement

Sustainability Resources

This workshop run by Sustainability Advantage, considers how best to build support for sustainability initiatives through education and training, leadership behaviour, social events, peer and internal forums, communication, signage, mentoring and recognition. https://register.eventarc.com/36267/sustainability-breakfast-workshop-3-employee-engagement

FeaturedBoxLink: Wednesday 25th october 2017, 8am - 10.30am Byron at Byron Resort