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Featured Member : Bun Coffee

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Bun Coffee  - A Specialty Coffee Roaster

With over 20 years in the coffee industry as both as a roaster and a frontline barista in his own cafes David Kennedy knows what it takes to produce a great cup of coffee.  

In fact it was his stint at a patisserie (‘sticky bun shop’) in Sydney in the 80s that earned him the nickname Bun and lead to the moniker Bun Coffee when he set up his own roastery in Byron Bay in 2005.

David started Bun Coffee with a mission to create award winning coffee blends where the emphasis was on taste, freshness and environmental values.  He sources his beans locally and from around the world before roasting them on the premises in the Byron Industry Estate.  100% of Bun Coffee is certified as either organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance or Australian grown.

Bun Coffee has won a total of 19 Golden Bean and Sydney Royal awards.

David explains when he first started out he couldn’t always get beans that were integral to a blend and were also sustainably grown.  

“Now we can and it’s a great feeling,” he said.  “I love the creativity of learning about single origins and creating blends to please the consumer, but I also want to play my part in ensuring justice to the grower for their hard work.”

David adds, “if Bun can source all its beans from plantations where the growers are given a fair price and where the biodiversity of the land is maintained than it is our responsibility to do so.”

In fact, Bun Coffee is the perfect choice for the caffeine addict with an environmental bent.   It offers seven premium coffee blends as well as single origin coffees, organic teas (loose leaf and tea bag), an organic drinking chocolate, organic Rapadura (unrefined sugar) and flavoured syrups.    

Since its humble beginnings Bun’s production rate and consequently the physical size of its magnificent roaster has increased enormously.  The Bun Coffee range is now stocked in cafes and retail outlets, including David Jones food halls, Australia wide.

In February 2012 the company expanded its warehouse space to include a new retail store and office.

And while Bun Coffee’s retail and café blend range is available all year round, David can be found most mornings in his warehouse, experimenting with single origin beans to create a roast of the day or week.   Regulars and passers-by can sample and purchase his latest creation from the new retail store located within the roastery.

“Single origin beans are unique to their region and great for learning about the different characteristics of coffees from different regions. We might run a really strong espresso blend for the caffeine heads out there.  It’s fun and it allows me to try new coffees and keep the creativity going.”

“I love what I do,” David says, “ and am looking forward to keeping our discerning and growing customer base satisfied in the coming years.”