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About Us

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Northern Rivers Food is an industry body run by the people who are putting their heart and soul into marketing and developing food businesses from Grafton to Tweed.

A group of growers, food artisans, manufacturers, restaurateurs, retailers and distributors who are working as a group to facilitate the development, growth and sustainability of the food businesses in the Northern Rivers.

To be a member of Northern Rivers Food, the business must conduct a food business primarily located in the Region, and the goods and/or services produced by the member must be primarily created within the Region using produce of the Region where available; and the member has a commitment to using labour from the Region for its operations.

By joining Northern Rivers Food, you’ll have access to:

  • Industry training and networking events
  • A range of promotional and marketing opportunities
  • Links with like-minded businesses people
  • Projects to support your business growth.

Our background.

The Northern Rivers produces great food, has a fantastic climate, and attracts entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to grow and value add to the superb local produce. For some time several producers and growers and government bodies identified the need to capitalise on the great opportunity that the region provides by forming an industry body that represents the needs of the industry and building a strong regional food brand for the benefit all.

Over the past 2 years, we have been providing marketing, promotion and branding along with better communication, and some regional coordination and networking events.

Northern Rivers Food continues to connect, offer knowledge and profile food related businesses.

Specific activities will include:

  • strategic marketing
  • organisation of relevant training
  • networking events
  • industry website stacked with food resources
  • trade show representations
  • funding information
  • lobbying and advocacy
  • mentoring programs
  • resource register

Promoting the Brand “Northern Rivers Food”

Once of the most important factors of the success of Northern Rivers Food is brand strength and awareness in the marketplace – locally, nationally and internationally. Northern Rivers Food is focused on continuing to develop and promote the brand ‘Northern Rivers Food’

Activities will include:

  • Generating media exposure – print, internet and radio, expos, festivals, trade shows and famils
  • Industry development and communication
  • Visiting journalist and VIP program
  • Northern Rivers Food presence as significant regional events
  • Organising Northern Rivers Food presence at Good Food and Wine shows
  • Developing and maintaining a regional website and smartphone application
  • Liaising with other regional associations and industry groups
  • Northern Rivers Food is an advocate on behalf of its members to training organisations to ensure that quality and relevant training is brought to the Northern Rivers to meet the needs of industry growth.

In short, Northern Rivers food will connect, educate and market all food related businesses in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW.